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EG: Let Me Choose What Offends Me

My brother is in town with his wife and two beautiful young daughters. So, naturally NSR, my family, and I have been tracking around doing all sorts of stuff. Now, I get along relatively well with my sister-in-law. She has also been very vocal about deciding whether or not she approves of NSR.

The other night, we were setting up to play Monopoly. She stated that I should play with them because it’s a good way for me to learn stuff about NSR. At the same time, NSR was teasing me that since I wasn’t “a housewife yet, that I didn’t have to select the thimble or the iron (We have a very old school set), but…” SIL obviously heard him and said “like that“. I wasn’t remotely offended, because I want to be a housewife.

Yesterday we all went to the coast, although because we had to take separate cars anyway, Mamamagoosa, NSR, and I skipped the aquarium and walked the historic bayfront. Later on we joined back up, played on the beach and went to dinner. Now, my hair is technically wavy, but when it gets damp it frizzes and curls like mad. I was sporting a couple of wacky looking curlycues, which my SIL pointed out to NSR. Naturally, since it’s funny, he laughed and teased me. My SIL promptly scolded him and informed me that I “could hit him for that”. I didn’t because I wasn’t offended. He teases me all the time and I eat it up.

She very thoroughly could have been joking both times, (she is a bit hard to read,) however my thought is still the same. Let me choose what offends me. I’m not being polite or overly quiet, it just doesn’t bother me. Why should it? It’s one thing if it bothers her when her husband does it, it’s quite another when my future husband does it to me. I am the one who gets to choose what offends me. Which strictly speaking isn’t very much.

This seems to be a problem with female interaction in general. When one woman is dissatisfied with something, she tries to get other women dissatisfied with that same thing or it’s equivalent in their lives. They don’t want other women to have a happy marriage when theirs is falling apart. There have been studies which suggest that you are more likely to divorce if you have friends who have divorced. It’s that whole crab bucket analogy the Manosphere loves so much, instead of cooperating they drag each other down. This is why I’m so wary of having female friends.


A Collar and Skittles

NSR and I had been kicking around the idea of getting me a collar for awhile. Then when vR posted a comment on one of SSM’s threads we decided to actually do it. So, credit goes to him for the springboard behind my new avatar picture. I still can’t believe I own and wear a black leather Martha Stewart collar.

Since I paid for the collar yesterday, NSR promised to buy me dinner. Tonight he bought me a bag of Skittles.*

* I picked the Skittles out on my own and he started laughing. I didn’t understand why at first.


I finally told my bestie today that I’m getting married. At first she was just happy. Then she decided that my simple wedding was entirely unacceptable and started planning something more extravagant. I commented to NSR that we’d have to have a big fancy wedding to please her. I’m afraid I’m going to have to break her heart and not go with what she’s planning. I’m not particularly excited about the wedding part, I’m excited about the married part.

She asked me what I wanted as a wedding present. I told her I wanted a wafflemaker.

[Allie Skittled – I’m sorry, scuttled – the huge wedding plans. – NSR]

An Important Bulletin

All feminists can officially hate me. I made NSR a sandwich.

And he didn’t have to ask me twice.

Picture evidence:

A monk, a clone, and a Ferengi go on a roadtrip…

After four years, I am finally the proud owner of a BA degree in Art and Philosophy. I managed to survive giving three capstone presentations, one of the which the university president attended.

That’s not really the exciting update I wanted to share though.

I wanted to share that NSR and I went on a five day, cross country road trip with Mamamagoosa (Try saying that three times fast).

NSR deserves a medal for putting up with my mother and I for five days straight. We’re rather dedicated troublemakers. [Two or three medals, at least – NSR]

Some photos from the trip:

Can’t suggest this place enough. Penny’s Diner in Rawlins, Wyoming. The shakes rock.

NSR’s always telling me I’m a good photographer. I wasn’t that convinced until I saw this one after the trip.

I was a happy woman when I realized I could take photos of the skyline from inside the moving car. [It looked like the sky was literally ablaze – NSR]

I didn’t manage to get a photo of this place when the alpacas weren’t hiding.

We didn’t stay at a Super 8, for the record.

I’m overjoyed to have NSR here, meaning our relationship is not long distance anymore. Now just to survive six months of pre-marital counseling.