A monk, a clone, and a Ferengi go on a roadtrip…

After four years, I am finally the proud owner of a BA degree in Art and Philosophy. I managed to survive giving three capstone presentations, one of the which the university president attended.

That’s not really the exciting update I wanted to share though.

I wanted to share that NSR and I went on a five day, cross country road trip with Mamamagoosa (Try saying that three times fast).

NSR deserves a medal for putting up with my mother and I for five days straight. We’re rather dedicated troublemakers. [Two or three medals, at least – NSR]

Some photos from the trip:

Can’t suggest this place enough. Penny’s Diner in Rawlins, Wyoming. The shakes rock.

NSR’s always telling me I’m a good photographer. I wasn’t that convinced until I saw this one after the trip.

I was a happy woman when I realized I could take photos of the skyline from inside the moving car. [It looked like the sky was literally ablaze – NSR]

I didn’t manage to get a photo of this place when the alpacas weren’t hiding.

We didn’t stay at a Super 8, for the record.

I’m overjoyed to have NSR here, meaning our relationship is not long distance anymore. Now just to survive six months of pre-marital counseling.


7 responses to “A monk, a clone, and a Ferengi go on a roadtrip…

  • Lena S.

    Six months of pre-marital counselling? Yikes! I’m sure you’ll find some blog fodder there!

    • allamagoosa

      Apparently that’s the standard length for the Catholic churches around here.

      • Lena S.

        Think yourself lucky you don’t live here – in my parish it’s a year! Or at least, you have to book the church a year in advance, so I presume the counselling goes on during that year. Either way, it’s still waiting a year. It’s like they are trying to have fewer virgin brides or something. Surely it shouldn’t take that long to figure out if two people are compatible.

        • allamagoosa

          A year? Good grief. Six months is bad enough. We keep muttering that we need to find some way to get married sooner, because six months is seeming pretty impossible already.

      • Lena S.

        Something to ponder:

        The sign of the sacrament of Matrimony is the physical presence of the bride and the groom and the vows which they, with full knowledge and consent, promise to each other. In other words, the bride and groom confer the sacrament on one another. The Church’s representative, usually a priest or a deacon, is simply a witness to the sacrament.


  • 7man

    You could get married in a civil ceremony and then the priest would strive to quickly reconcile you to a moral status and perform the Sacramental component, but it would be low key.

    The pre-marital counseling is a lot of baloney and really doesn’t do anything to reduce the divorce rate. You could learn more by watching Vicki Thorn, Fr. Thomas Loya and Dr. Philip Mango DVDs. Those are solid Catholic teaching which is far far beyond what is in Pre-Cana.

    Every aspect of our lives condition us to comply and the Church is no different. I am not saying to defy the Church on doctrinal matters, but this is not in that category.

    And remember the Church bows to the State since a priest will not marry you without a marriage license (which makes the State a party to the marriage). So the Church allows the State to be the gatekeeper to the Sacrament, but the Church is nowhere to be found to during any divorce (since the Church is not a party to the marriage and only a witness).

  • wdydfae

    You’re both Catholic? Cool! This is getting better and better.

    I second (third?) the opinion that you should try to speed it up somehow, though if you do the shortcut with the civil ceremony and regularize it sacramentally afterward, you might regret it later, if only slightly, from the emotional/mystical side.

    For whatever that’s worth!

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