A Collar and Skittles

NSR and I had been kicking around the idea of getting me a collar for awhile. Then when vR posted a comment on one of SSM’s threads we decided to actually do it. So, credit goes to him for the springboard behind my new avatar picture. I still can’t believe I own and wear a black leather Martha Stewart collar.

Since I paid for the collar yesterday, NSR promised to buy me dinner. Tonight he bought me a bag of Skittles.*

* I picked the Skittles out on my own and he started laughing. I didn’t understand why at first.


I finally told my bestie today that I’m getting married. At first she was just happy. Then she decided that my simple wedding was entirely unacceptable and started planning something more extravagant. I commented to NSR that we’d have to have a big fancy wedding to please her. I’m afraid I’m going to have to break her heart and not go with what she’s planning. I’m not particularly excited about the wedding part, I’m excited about the married part.

She asked me what I wanted as a wedding present. I told her I wanted a wafflemaker.

[Allie Skittled – I’m sorry, scuttled – the huge wedding plans. – NSR]


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