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MS: Perseid Meteor Shower

Date night idea!

Perseid meteor shower set to put on a great show – Astronomy Magazine.

Also great for kids if you’ve got them.


Wedding Progress

This is another post I’ve been meaning to write for awhile that Donal has unintentionally pestered me in to writing. On NSR’s Pacific Rim post he asked about the wedding prep. Rather than answer him on that post I figured I’d write an update.

We have started attending our premarital counseling and have a wedding date set for this fall. We have a venue, which sadly isn’t a church because we want to get married before we die of old age. I have a dress, which is frillier than I intended, but I can’t argue with a dress that fits me. Basically all we have left to iron out is how many guests are attending and how much we need to feed them. And I need to figure out how to get NSR to wear at least some slacks at the wedding.

Because of how NSR and I met, we are somewhat obliged to invite certain members of the manosphere to attend.

We cordially invite SSM and HHG, van Rooinek and his wife, 7man and Lena (CL), and BSkillet if he’s still around.

Given the short notice, we will understand if you cannot make it.

No offense to anyone else who wanted to attend, but this wedding is going to be a pretty small affair and I didn’t want to outnumber my relatives with people from the manosphere. We are trying to put together a wedding registry, but given we’re both kind of immature we have to curb our instinct to fill it with things like the Babylon 5 Complete Collection or nunchaku.

NSR says Wdydfae can come as a guest or as the DJ.

EG: The Dangers of a Long Engagement

I had been thinking about writing this post for awhile, but for various reasons I hadn’t gotten around to sitting down and writing it. Then Donal posted something similar on his blog talking about the Christian Marriage Script and how it doesn’t do anyone any favors. While many on the manosphere will agree that postponing marriage as long as most do is unwise and leads to sexual immorality, I haven’t seen anyone except Haley touch on long engagements. Since I’m a bit closer to the subject I wanted to go ahead and explore the possible risks more fully.

Let’s say we have a couple who have managed to get through the dating or courtship process without having sex. They get engaged and go to their church saying they want to get married. Their church congratulates them and promptly tells them they have to wait six months to a year to get married. They also have to complete some premarital counseling along the way, but that doesn’t requires six months to complete, let alone a year. They are given no reason for this time frame except scheduling. Still, they want to have a godly marriage performed in the church, so they agree.

Now they are in a strange situation. They are dedicated to one another and are continuing to establish the way their relationship will work. They are attracted to each other very, very strongly. They know they want to spend their lives together and maybe they even know that they want a biblical marriage, complete with headship and submission. However, because they aren’t married, they can’t live together, can’t have sex, maybe even have to avoid kino and excessive alone time. Both men and women have their innate needs for intimacy and sex, and depending on how long these two have waited before pursuing marriage, they may have been going without for longer than humans were meant to.

There are many ways that this couple could go from here, many of them are unhealthy for their future as a married couple. Here are some examples:

Scenario 1: Their frustration grows and grows until one of them can’t take it anymore and cheats. Whether or not their partner finds out, the relationship is essentially destroyed. If the woman is the one to cheat, which she is just as likely to,  if she was a virgin before she cheated, she’s now bonded to the other man. Additionally there is the possibility of cuckoldry. Regardless of who cheated, there is the possibility of dragging disease into the mix.

Scenario 2: One pesters or pressures the other into giving in. If the man pressured the woman, at best there is a loss of trust, since he obviously placed some emphasis on chastity in the past. At worst he opens himself up to a false rape accusation, because a woman in this situation is going to feel guilty even sooner than a less virtuous woman.  If the woman pressured the man, it plants the idea in her mind that sex is a way to successfully manipulate him. She will also lose respect for him since he just failed a massive shit test. He talked about chastity in the past, but when the chips were down he couldn’t resist.

Scenario 3: The woman’s interest fizzles because the man can no longer escalate past a certain point. This is fine if they decide not to get married, but is destructive if they carry on and get married anyway.

Scenario 4: They successfully stay chaste until marriage, after they get married they start having sex. The lower drive spouse suddenly feels very pressured to perform. They feel like all their spouse wants from them is sex and starts to long for the days of their engagement when they had a great relationship without sex. This leads the lower drive spouse to resent the higher drive spouse and they become frigid and deny sex. The downward spiral begins unless they can successfully communicate and the higher drive spouse can create enough desire in the other.

Scenario 5: They successfully remain chaste, but both are so high drive that they are both overhyped about sex. Their first few experiences fail to live up to their expectations and their relationship suddenly goes haywire.

Scenario 6: The couple becomes overly obsessed with chastity and forgets that sex is holy within marriage. They enter a sexless marriage because they believe that it is holy to do so.

Scenario 7: Sexual denial becomes ingrained in the relationship, this carries over into the marriage. While the marriage isn’t sexless, both spouses are so used to quashing their sexual urges that they act on them infrequently, leading to dissatisfaction.

These are not the only possibilities of course, but they are all very likely scenarios. So what is to be done about this? As a Christian I do not advocate or condone premarital sex, but at the same time I am painfully aware of how difficult it is to remain chaste while in a relationship. All that most of us are taught about self-control is: don’t have sex. The only practical strategy given is removing yourself from the situation. When you’re engaged you can’t remove yourself from the situation. Sexual desire is a key ingredient to a successful marriage, so you don’t want to avoid temptation by getting engaged to someone you don’t burn for.  So, again the question of what is to be done? Shorten the time between engagement and marriage? Return to strictly chaperoned courtship? Teach people more about controlling their sexual desire in a way that doesn’t encourage disgust of it?

Honestly I am very curious about what people have to say on this, because I want to avoid the above scenarios.