MS: Slips

I’m not sure precisely when I discovered the usefulness of slips, but luckily for me it happened before I started trying to wear skirts and dresses full time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a few episodes when I wore tights and a full length skirt and was rewarded with being hobbled by said skirt. Being resourceful and pragmatic like I am, I sought some advice and found out about slips.

Now, I’m not lucky enough to own a full slip, so I’ll just direct you over to a wonderful post by BB and carry on telling you about what I do know, half slips and pettipants.

Like last time, some quick picture reference:

Half slip: Basically an underskirt, generally made from an antistatic material. Comes in many lengths, may have lace trim or a slit. Normally comes in white, beige, and black.

Illusion’s Classic 32″ Half-slip

Pettipants: Also called Culottes or Bloomers. Serves the same function as a half slip, but is split down the middle. Normally comes in two lengths, knee length or mid-thigh.

Illusion’s Classic Soft Cotton Pettipants

All forms of slips serve many functions. They keep you modest in sheer dresses by hiding your precise form and by keeping underwear from showing.  They help prevent static cling and snagging on other fabrics. It gives you an extra layer of warmth in winter. It gives you something other than just your underwear to stand in if you should need to hastily wash a stain out of your dress or skirt in a public bathroom.  Also for you married ladies they can count as lingerie.

Truth be told there isn’t a lot more to say about these than that. They go over your tights or underwear and under your skirt. Nothing more complicated than that.  Go grab a couple at a second hand shop or shell out a little more for some new ones. They’re not as common anymore and some dresses and skirts have them built in, but they’re nice to have. Especially when that built in slip isn’t doing it’s job.

I’d also talk about petticoats in this post, but presently I know nothing about those. Maybe someday.


4 responses to “MS: Slips

  • Lisette

    more questions from the peanut gallery 🙂
    Why pettipants over a half slip? Is it the protection from a breeze/ potential up skirt moment?
    For me, the ultimate in comfort is a dress + full slip. I hope you find one, they are great!

    • allamagoosa

      I have both pettipants and half slips, I like both, but for me pettipants tend to be a bit more functional for long skirts. I can’t really find any half slips that are as equally billowy as my skirts, so when I’m walking my longer half slips keep me from reaching full stride. I don’t particularly appreciate that. I suppose pettipants would protect a bit of dignity in the case of an up skirt moment and I do know that for the ladies with bigger thighs that they protect against rubbing. So I have both, I use both, sometimes I even wear them together.

  • The Woman Margery

    Oh my goodness, thank you for the reminder about Pettipants! I have been having a heck of a time in my skirts recently. We moved from a windy area to an even windier area and my skirts are flying up and taking my slip with them. I had completely forgotten about Pettipants! An LDS friend mentioned them to me years ago as her sister was going on a mission and got a bunch of these to make bike riding in a skirt easier.

    • allamagoosa

      You are quite welcome. I stumbled upon them by accident when I was shopping online for slips. I’d heard the term pettipants once before in a movie, but hadn’t the slightest idea of what they actually were.

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