WH: “Leaving the Party at 9:30”

Given all the discussion recently about how the world in general views marriage as the “Game Over” screen of life, I remembered that I had saved this image for future commentary:

That first person there represents what the world, especially the younger folks, think about marriage. That it means the fun is over and that a life of responsibility, drudgery and general dullness is all that ever comes of it. We live in a world of spoiled brats who think that responsibility is a terrible thing and that drunken hookup sex is somehow the best thing that happened to society. I exaggerate a little, but not as much as you may think.

The second and third people have it (mostly*) right, getting married young means that you get to spend the rest of your life and the majority of your experiences with the one you love. While everyone else fritters away their youth on stuff that doesn’t matter and eventually suffers the consequences.

And for me, just like I don’t understand the appeal of the average booze and hookup riddled party, I don’t understand the appeal of spending my most fertile years sleeping around with men I have no intention of marrying. Oh, and for those girls who think it gives you valuable “experience”, I have news for you. I’ve never heard any man say, “I wish my wife had slept around more before she married me”. The majority of men will not value your previous encounters and no amount of screaming “misogyny!” at them will change that. You have your preferences, so do they.

Anyhow, everyone is allowed to make their own choices and if you want to party til you hit the wall, have at it. But don’t come around here and complain that your choices have consequences and don’t bother trying to tell me I’m missing out on something. Because I most definitely am not missing anything.

*Getting married doesn’t mean you get free rein to look ugly and let yourself go.


4 responses to “WH: “Leaving the Party at 9:30”

  • donalgraeme

    And everyone else just wakes up alone and hungover.

    Yeah, pretty much. In my experience, most people who live that life talk about what a great time they had, rather than a great time they are having. Unlike them, you have something to look forward to, rather than some memory to look back to.

    • allamagoosa

      Unlike them, you have something to look forward to, rather than some memory to look back to.

      Indeed, I was just sitting on the couch reading and was struck by how blessed I am. I have a quiet, peaceable life with a loving husband and a future which likely includes a passel of children that will all be taller than me. And probably a few pets too. I don’t really see how I could want more.

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