WH: I Just Wanted to Share

I love this movie, it’s called Wolf Children (Ame and Yuki). It’s a story about the struggles of a young widow told from the perspective of her daughter Yuki. While those less familiar with anime will find the idea of the kids (and her husband) being werewolves rather weird, it ends up helping exemplify some of the truths the movie uncovers. Such as the fact that the modern school system isn’t suited for boys. This AMV is something of a summary of the movie.

I also enjoy the song. It helps me keep a good perspective on things.

“Glass half empty, glass half full
Well either way you won’t be going thirsty”

Anyway, as the title says, I just wanted to share. I’ll probably resume posting on feminine dress sooner or later.


3 responses to “WH: I Just Wanted to Share

  • wdydfae

    I caught this on broadcast tv a month or two ago, walking into it when it had already started and not knowing anything about it or what to expect. It really started drawing me in especially with the school scenes. The kids’ psychology was very well handled, especially the shame/defensive hostility/attraction re: the two love interests.

    Definitely a more thoughful treatment of younthful wolf-person angst than Teen Wolf w. Michael J.Fox, though to say the truth I kind of liked that one, too.

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