WH: Protruding Hipbones and Beauty Perceptions


People, particularly women seem to get caught up in the idea that there is one specific ideal for all people, or there isn’t an ideal at all and we should all be celebrated for existing. The fact of the matter is that is neither are true. The fact of the matter is that there is a healthy range of weight for any given body type. Now I want to show you a few pictures of animals to address the original poster.

This horse is too thin.

This horse is too thin. Source: Wikipedia

This is the type of animal that the original poster is referring too. Hips and ribs are prominent, as is the spine. Note that the hips are prominent at the front, top and back. The word to describe this animal’s overall appearance is “sunken”. This animal is indeed a victim of neglect. Now, compare that animal to this next one.


An Akhal Teke in perfect health. Source: Wikipedia

This horse is also thin, but it is perfectly healthy. The ribs are showing, but not as prominent. The pelvis is also showing, but only at the front. The spine is padded with a reasonable amount of flesh, but no excess fat. As a standard Akhal Tekes are maintained in athletic perfection, not through dietary restrictions, but exercise. Traditionally Akhal Tekes were supposedly fed butter and eggs to supplement their hay. The person in the original post would posit that this animal is unhealthy on account of the lack of fat. However, the shiny coat and confident head position speak differently. A starving horse has a dull coat and downcast demeanor. Now compare this animal to the next.

This animal is too fat.

This animal is too fat. Source: Wikipedia

 This animal is not healthy, it is too fat. You can see that especially where the spine meets the pelvis and the neck. Its withers, spine and hips have been completely engulfed by fat. And maybe it’s just because it’s wet, but the animal also looks vaguely uncomfortable just standing there. According to the Henneke Scale this animal scores an 8, which means, “Apparent crease down spine; ribs difficult to feel; soft fat surrounding tail head; fat deposits along withers, behind shoulders, and on inner thighs; neck is large”. You can look at the linked page and see the studies on the various effects that weight has on athleticism and reproductive success. Too fat and too thin have similar health effects.

No visible ribs, no rolls of fat. A happy, healthy horse.

No visible ribs, no rolls of fat. A happy, healthy horse. Photo copyright to me.

And finally a normal, healthy animal. A smooth, rounded body with padding around the spine but the ribs are still near enough to the surface to affect the way the hair lies. Shiny hair, good muscle and a curious, friendly disposition. Note that the front of the pelvis is still very near the surface, that doesn’t disappear unless a horse is too fat.

So, which of these animals are the nicest to look at? The two healthy animals, not the fat one, not the starving one. Though certainly all of these animals would be pretty if they were given proper care. The same goes for women. A woman who is fit, healthy, has perky boobs and a nice bottom will draw the most attention from people. Especially men. I have yet to encounter a man who specifically wants an emaciated woman. So the supposed standard of beauty that these women are complaining about is not one that has been put in place by men or the “Patriarchy”. Women force this on one another. They tell a perfectly healthy girl they don’t like that she’s “fat” in order to harass her. A girl looks at an airbrushed magazine cover and mistakenly thinks that she needs to be like that, and thinks she must starve herself to do so. Anorexia is neither beautiful nor healthy. It is not demanded of any average person by society at large.

Then there are the women who are too heavy and don’t want to make changes to their lifestyle so they can be healthy. So instead they call for their unhealthy lifestyle and bodies to be considered beautiful. Silencing the voices will not suddenly make the reality of your condition go away. Being too heavy is just as dangerous to your overall health as being too thin. People who are telling you to consider losing a few pounds are trying to help you. Does that fat pony up there look happy to you? No one is shaming him, but the physical discomfort is still evident. His chances of breaking down are higher than that of either of the healthy animals. He would be healthier and happier if his owner cut his grain and slowly upped his exercise.

It would help if people just told women the truth and women accepted it. You will be more attractive and feel better if you are fit and healthy. Starving yourself does not make you either of those things. Neither does eating massive amounts of sugar and carbs. If you are not sure what a healthy weight is for you, you need to go to the doctor and find out. Don’t depend on the media or people who try to insulate you from the truth. Everyone has an individual body, their ideal is slightly different from everybody else’s. But no one should be participating in lifestyles that will shorten your life and bring complications.


8 responses to “WH: Protruding Hipbones and Beauty Perceptions

  • donalgraeme

    Body Fat percentage is perhaps the best universal means of determining what a healthy weight is for an individual person. Unlike simple BMI calculators, it takes into account muscle mass and body shapes. Of course, it isn’t necessarily easy to measure. Which is why you are right Alla to suggest seeing a doctor.

    • allamagoosa

      Seeing a doctor seemed to be the best advice. It can be hard to get people to shoot straight with you and as you said BMI calculators don’t take into account build or muscle mass.

      With pets the general guide is in a healthy animal you can find and count the ribs using firm, but not hard, pressure. If you can just brush your hand over the skin and find the ribs, or have difficulty finding the individual ribs you need to adjust the animal’s diet. It’s not quite so easy with people, since a lot of people will accrue fat around the gut and not the ribs.

  • Chris

    Alla, I am not a good judge of horsflesh, but my Dad breeds dairy cows, and I can tell a skinny animal, a fat one and just right. Men like just right — apart from some Fashion designers, who really want a boy’s figure. We will leave why to another time.

    And skinny healthy is different from emaciated.

  • mrsktc

    Growing up I worked on a horse farm: bred and trained horses for years. I laughed when I read the post about ribs. Our rule of thumb was: You want to be able to see the first two ribs. There is no way around it: one needs to eat right and be active. This is true for animals and humans.

    We would have clients freaking out about how skinny their horses were. The horses weren’t skinny- they were healthy: shiny coat, slim and muscular. “But, but, the ribs!”

    Of course, when our clients horses were overweight and we kept telling them this, they were not at all concerned.

    • allamagoosa

      We would have clients freaking out about how skinny their horses were. The horses weren’t skinny- they were healthy: shiny coat, slim and muscular. “But, but, the ribs!”

      And yet somehow horses like the first one in this post are frequently left with their negligent owner because they tell the animal control officer “S/he’s just old”.

      Of course, when our clients horses were overweight and we kept telling them this, they were not at all concerned.

      Of course not, because on horses it can be easy to brush off since some breeds do look chunkier (of course that’s not fat it’s muscle) and people think a few extra pounds is no big deal. They don’t want to do the work that would help their animal (or them) lose the weight.

      And nevermind the heated debates that arise about overweight riders and the damage they do to horses.

  • mrsktc

    “Nevermind the heated debates about overweight riders and the damage they do to horses” ha! yes.

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