Requests and Suggestions

All the attention I got from my last couple of serious posts made me feel the need to hide for a bit. I’m so introverted that even internet attention wears me out. I only have serious posts that I’m working on now, so I’m going to share a few things, ask a few questions and try to give myself some more time to recoup.

For the more environmentally conscious among my readers, I’ve discovered a “green” drain cleaner which works rather spectacularly. It’s called “Drainbo”. It’s microbial, so it takes a little prep, but I think it’s worth it.

I’ve realized that what I’ve historically disliked about whole grain bread is not the taste or smell, but the fact that many whole grain breads had their flour ground by lazy cave men. I object to having large chunks of grain baked into my bread. I’d like my flour properly ground please.

NSR has noticed his increase in horse related knowledge. After a recent outing at the local fair he commented that he could interpret the horses’ body language and then told me if he ever got a horse, he was blaming me. Being the thinking sort, this got me musing over what kind of horse owner NSR would be. I decided that he would be the proud owner of some big, goofy, friendly horse. He wouldn’t ride often, but he would teach it all sorts of tricks, like how to play soccer and steal your hat. I told him what I thought, after which he said “I really do want a horse now”. Oops. Not what I was going for.

I have to really appreciate how God looks after me. I got a wire impaled in my tire today and wasn’t able to pull it out. Next time I stopped to check on it, it was gone and my tire wasn’t losing any air. Our landlady is rather on the ball too. We called her to tell her our outlet was making strange noises and kept kicking off. She had the electrician out promptly the next morning. I took a recording of the noise, but I don’t know how to convert it to the proper file type at present.

NSR and I decided that I’m not going to the grocery store after 6pm without him anymore, because I keep getting approached by guys who are “new in town” and are somehow oblivious to the “keep your distance” vibe I emanate when I’m alone. I really need to figure out how to politely extricate myself from these sorts of encounters, I’m not very good at that.

I also need to find someone who will trim my hair, without charging me $50 and parting my hair the wrong way while they’re at it.

I got asked for the first time whether I was NSR’s daughter. I’m surprised it took this long for someone to ask me.

As for my requests, I need slow cooker recipes. Ones that are low in sugar and carbs, and preferably high in beef content. Since I’m kind of new to cooking, please make sure that your recipes include detailed instructions. I can’t really infer what to do solely from an ingredient list.

I could use some tips as for what cuts of meat are good for what types of dishes.  I realized I had no knowledge in this area when I went to buy beef for stir fry and was sort of dumbfounded about what to get.

I’m curious whether anyone would care to see the doodles I do of my daily outfits for inspiration in regards to feminine style? I’d probably put them somewhere other than here.

Also, suggestions on how to get over a dumb “crush” I have on a vacant house that isn’t for sale and we couldn’t afford even if it was.


5 responses to “Requests and Suggestions

  • DJ

    one tip get someone u trust to cut it for you useing these techniques. Cutting it yourself can be a real challenge generally requires another pair of hands and eyes for best results

  • Stingray

    So, now I feel bad for not checking in for so long.

    Beef crockpot recipe. It’s so yummy.

    Chuck roast – enough for the two of you. it shrinks quite a bit while cooking so keep this in mind.

    Tomato paste – a couple of tablespoons thereabouts (sorry, I have no idea about amounts here)

    water – about 3/4 – 1 cup

    some kind of beef bouillon




    maybe some garlic powder

    Put the water in the bottom of the crockpot and mix in your beef bouillon (read your bouillon container for approx amounts) or just use beef stock.
    Put your chuck roast in next. You can put it frozen without a problem if it is early enough in the morning. If you do this, leave it on high for a couple of hours then put it on low.

    Next mix in the tomato paste, the salt, garlic powder, and thyme to taste. It’s basically a pot roast and it comes out very tender. If your meat is thawed put it on low for several hours.

    • allamagoosa

      Oh, don’t feel bad! Everyone has more important things to do than pay attention to my blog, even me.

      Lovely and simple. I shall have to try this. I always have mixed opinions on pot roast and pot-roast-like dishes because some people cook them so long they pass “tender” and enter the zone of “sludge”. That’s the nice thing about learning to cook, you can control that.

  • Justagirl

    Hi Allamagoosa,

    I am not sure if you are still looking for recipes, but chili and beef stew can be done very easily in the crockpot and are quite tasty. If you need specifics, please let me know. You can email me if you would like.

    Also, my mother trims my hair for me. I got tired of paying $75 dollars (yes! 75!) for a trim. She actually does really well, as I am pretty particular about my hair. 🙂

    I love that God cares about even the small things in our lives!!


  • Tatum Karrie

    So how’s your take with Drainbo? I really found it amazing. I’ve used other cleaning products before but they were so disappointing. With Drainbo, it has been such a smooth ride!

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