Fit Friday Ganbarou Edition

How did you get moving this week?

I went to work, and then after work I took care of horses. I’m thoroughly bushed. Hopefully we’ll be back on it next week.

What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?

Curry’s good for you, right?

What are your plans for next week?

I’ll still be taking care of horses early next week, but that leaves at least two days to ride. So trying for two.

What song got you moving?

From the same animator that brought you the “Moses Supposes” video from my last post. If you didn’t watch that one you are seriously missing out. The music in this one is vocaloid J-pop, but those of you who run/jog will appreciate this video.

[that word “ganbarou” translates roughly to “Let’s do our best!”]


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