MS: Squaredancing as a Microcosm of the SMV/MMV

This is more of an observation than a theory. NSR and I went squaredancing on Saturday for the first time in awhile. As I’ve gotten better at the dances it has left me a bit more time to observe. This time around I noticed a few things that parallel nicely with the SMV/MMV.

There are a lot of women trying to act like men, it causes mild problems across the board, but backfires spectacularly in circumstances when the physical/biological differences cannot be ignored.

The guys with more experience and/or outcome indifference are never without a partner. The less experienced men are more likely to be gunshy and need the women to be inviting before they will act confidently.

High value, inviting women will get a lot of attention from potential partners. Especially if they are submissive and upbeat.

Most women have no idea how to attract, much less compete for a man. Even when men are scarce they still expect them to compete for or at least justify themselves to the women before they will partner up.

If women want partners they must be inviting in the first place and must be willing to follow the man’s lead once she gets one. If men are scarce they need to be a bit more forward and be less worried about what the herd has to say.

If men want partners they have to be less worried about the outcome and need to be willing to lead, even if the woman doesn’t want to follow or doesn’t know how. Moreso when women are scarce.

You need to listen carefully to the instructions upfront, watch others, then after that you have to wing it based on those instructions and observations.

I could probably figure out a few more, but I’m tired and would like to get this post out the door before I forget about it. As a parting note, y’all should go squaredancing. It’s loads of fun.


4 responses to “MS: Squaredancing as a Microcosm of the SMV/MMV

  • donalgraeme

    Seems pretty accurate to me. I know that Chad has also indicated some similarities between the broader market and partner-dancing.

    • allamagoosa

      I’m not sure about partner dancing, but with squaredancing you interact with at least six people other than your partner in any given dance. The women pretending to men cause problems depending on the situation. They confuse people during the Virginia Reel and large circle dances, and their lack of strength ruins the last move of The Basket.

      One girl actually commented to me that the women pretending to be men needed identifying stickers or hats so we could identify them at first glance.

      Abnormalities affect more than just you and your partner in this case.

      • donalgraeme

        I meant dancing with those of the opposite sex with “partner-dancing.” Although I’m sure that it is different for different types of dances, there is probably some commonality between them.

  • redpillchick

    Yeah, if you want a masculine guy you have to be feminine. And you must let them come to you. Never ever make the first move. I used to initiate all the time with men

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