EG: The Time and Place for Hierarchy

This is a quick thought inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone. I won’t spoil the episode, because it is quite excellent, I will simply say that a man complains that his superior officer has brought the “chain of command and the book” into a place where it didn’t belong, a crisis situation.

This made me stop to think. The hierarchy within any given group is not meant to be abandoned at the first sign of trouble. Times of trouble are when that hierarchy is needed most. Why did you bother figuring out who was the best leader if that weren’t the case? Times of trouble are when leaders must lead the most unapologetically and followers must follow most obediently. That is not the time for hesitation or refusing to obey. Being able to have faith in your leader is a great comfort in times of trouble. For the leaders themselves, being given the faith of their followers and being allowed to concentrate on the task of bringing everyone through in one piece is the most basic help they can be given by their followers.

I had a very small example of this recently. I was getting worked up over something minor, as I occasionally do. NSR was trying to help me through it and I was initially being difficult. Then as he instructed me to do something and a very unsubmissive thought began to enter my head, I shouted myself down inside my head, thinking “SHUT UP and TRUST HIM!”. I did so and calmed down almost instantly, despite the fact that the matter didn’t get resolved at that point. Respecting the hierarchy and having faith in the man I chose to marry helped me deal with the situation.

Someone else around here had and excellent post up about this recently but I can’t for the life of me remember who. When I remember I’ll update with a link.

Wives, you must take a minute to look at your husband and commit to trusting him. It will help you more than you expect. To the women who are seeking husbands, set aside your checklists for a moment and evaluate whether or not you can trust this man when the going gets rough. If not, break it off early and save the both of you a great deal of heartache.


3 responses to “EG: The Time and Place for Hierarchy

  • superslaviswife

    I think it’s a very feminine trait to get het up and neurotic about the smallest things. The same for hypochondria. We’re, to a degree, designed to look at every small detail and want every problem gone ASAP because, if we weren’t, there would have been a lot of dead cave-babies.

    The problem is that in the modern world there are so many small problems and so few people we can talk to about them that we get a little lost, start getting stressed and try and carry the world on our backs.

    Sometimes simply listening to your partner’s perspective on something, even if there isn’t an immediate solution, can kill some of the stress. It just feels that much better to look at it from a new angle and more clearly.

  • A Northern Observer

    “Peaceful Wife” does a lot of writing on this very subject – I recommend giving her blog a look-over.

  • Random Musings and Links- #6 | Donal Graeme

    […] Allamagoosa looks at The Time and Place for Hierarchy. […]

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