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WH: She Makes Him Wait Too Long

A lot of the interpretations of this animated short revolve around the man idealizing a particular woman and then leaving her because he can’t handle the real her. However, that doesn’t take into account their respective body language. She flits, flies, and leaves him to fall on more than one occasion. He is tired, angry, he leaps to catch her and desperately wants her to just stay. Then she becomes real as he fades, and she expects the dance to go on as it has, while his frustration finally causes him to bow out. She made him wait too long, she assumed he would always be there and he was for a long time. After awhile though, his own needs pushed to the forefront and he left to try and find what he needed. It is only then that she realizes her mistake and grieves the life they could have had together, if she had simply prioritized what was actually important.


#NoNothingNovember and the Liebster Award

I was planning on writing this up earlier and then I ended up working most of the week, so I’m squeezing this in while I have a minute.

Aside from today, getting up at 7:30 has been consistently accomplished. I won’t say it’s easy because I’m not a morning person, but even today I didn’t really sleep past 7:30 I just stayed in bed and rested because I’m trying not to come down with a sinus infection. I have been staying up later than my target time once or twice a week. I go to the gaming club with NSR on Tuesdays and we don’t even get back until 10, and he goes alone on Thursdays and I can’t sleep if he’s not at least at home. However I’ve been right on the dot the rest of the time. I need to figure out what I can do with my newfound time in the mornings.

I’ve been getting all the steps of tasks done except for earlier this week, I ended up leaving dishes out overnight. I also flubbed last night, I did laundry and was so relieved to find out I wouldn’t be working today I didn’t get them put away, but I got that done today. I noticed that I’m getting fewer tasks done overall on any given day, but I’m getting them done to completion, so the house looks better because there aren’t a million half done things lying about.

I have been consistently getting creative time in, mostly knitting and promoting my artwork, but I have gotten a few other things done. This week kind of threw that for a loop, but I got in like six hours of knitting on Tuesday, so I think that compensates. I knit or do other creative work while NSR games, I’m a geek, but no gamer. I have managed to sneak in some photography during work, but I don’t necessarily consider that creative since I’m not paying much attention to making sure the photos are good and I’m simply using my phone.

Overall I’m doing okay, but today is kind of a hard reset. I’m also contemplating expanding these goals a little, how I’m not yet sure.

For reasons that escape me, Slavis Wife has nominated me for the Liebster Award.


This came as a surprise to me since when I saw it circulating I accepted the fact that I would not be nominated. I mean, I’m not exactly the epitome of sweetness, especially on here. However, I’m grateful that Slavis Wife nominated me and if she feels I deserve it then I’ll just accept that. I may try to clean up my act around here a bit though, because I should be doing that anyway.

Hm, now seven things that you can’t easily determine from my blog. The main trick will be making sure they aren’t overly embarrassing or revealing of my identity.

  1. I feel like I never know much about anyone, even my best friend and NSR seem like mysteries to me. However, it is obvious that I subconsciously pick up on cues, because I unconsciously tailor my behavior, level of expressiveness, and general demeanor to best interact with any given person. It’s all the real me, none of it is fake, but everyone is left with a slightly different impression of me.
  2. I can train cats. I’m not even kidding, on the date of this post I have successfully trained 4 cats. I also have the uncanny ability to get cats (even strange ones) to follow complex orders. It makes me wonder if I’m a witch or something and am simply unaware.
  3. I’m very phobic of medically associated sharp objects. Scalpels, needles, scissors, etc. Especially IVs, nothing will make me feel sick faster than the sight or mention of an IV. No problem with knives though.
  4. I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere, but I adore rats as pets. Literally their only downside is their short lifespan. They’re cute, intelligent, and super easy to care for. They’re also less likely to bite and more friendly than similar pets, such as hamsters.
  5. I’m so used to being surrounded by mountains that I feel exposed when I travel somewhere without them.
  6. I spend as much time as possible without shoes. This is partly because being the child a single mom meant that I went longer than I should have without new shoes, so I associate them with pain. This is also partly because I can manage my body temperature a lot better without shoes, especially in summer when it gets hot.
  7. My hair used to be bone straight and is now wavy with curls at the ends. Especially when it is freshly clean. My mom saw it not long ago and asked, “When did your hair get so curly?”

Now for the questions that Slavis Wife prepared.

1: How did you come up with your blog? How do you decide what to write?

Originally I was writing an anime blog and realized I wanted to write more about “Red Pill” topics, the name comes from a comment thread over on What Do You Do for an Encore. I just write about whatever comes to mind. Mostly I putter around here for my own purposes, more than for an audience. Thinking out loud really.

2: What is the hardest fact you’ve had to accept in life?

My life has been so full of hard facts practically from day one, it’s hard to single one out and say “this was the hardest”. At this point I accept most things with a shrug and at worst a few tears. I guess that hardest one is something that affects me rather uniquely, which is my intense, but inconsistent, sensitivity to evil and disaster. I had to accept that I will have to live with it and probably never be able to communicate to others what it is like.

3: Who do you love the very most in this World?

Since I don’t consider God to be merely “in” the world, I’ll answer with NSR. Just before our wedding, one of my two bridesmaids commented that I was the calmest bride she had ever seen. This was because there was nothing for me to regret, no second thoughts, no nervousness. Just relief that the dedication in my heart would finally be announced and made official. One of the happiest moments of my life was when one of the church ladies introduced me to some fellow parishioners as “Mrs”.

4: What is your most time-consuming activity and what would you put the time into if you could get it back?

Either surfing the internet or working would be my most time consuming activity. If we had the facilities/space/ventilation/whatever for it I would probably paint a lot more, but at the same time it’s good for me to get a break from painting after college, clear my system.

5: What is your dream home like?

The short answer: Any decent home with NSR. The long answer: That’s a hard pick between a semi-remote home in the mountain forest or a not so remote home within walking distance of the beach. I want a house without carpets, with a gas stove and a utility sink. I want some property with a barn for a pair of horses and space for a food garden. I want to be able to sit under a fine tree on our property and read a book while our children play. I want a covered porch where I can paint or just sit with NSR on rainy days. I would want it to have lots of bookshelves and a bath tub big enough to submerge all of me at once. I want enough property to give me space to breath, but close enough to our neighbors to reach them on foot in case of trouble. It would also be nice to actually have enough space to entertain a few friends. Realistic answer: Whatever God sees fit to give us.

Nominations, oh bother. I’m at a bit of a loss here since most of the women I’d bestow this on have made their blogs private, have left blogging altogether, or have already received it. So for those that are left I nominate: LovelyleBlanc, Feminine but not Feminist, Her Ladyship (no pressure to respond), Margery (should she return), and Laura. At least I don’t think any of these ladies has been nominated already. No special questions from me, just the 5 to 7 facts are fine.