Oh, The New Year Started Didn’t It?

I feel like I kind of missed the New Year in the midst of the chaos that has surrounded the past few weeks.  I was worked nearly to death Christmas week, then I frantically went around visiting people before their vacations ended and found out a friend had passed away, now NSR is sick and I’m trying not to get sick myself. Despite the current situation of general illness I’m finally finding my feet and trying to get everything back in order.

I have goals more than resolutions for the new year. Improve my knitting and other home making skills, see about seeking a job that doesn’t leave me so exhausted. Exchange the PC for a laptop so I can work on certain projects more effectively and use the space for a sewing machine instead.

I’m also praying about a place on a friend’s farm that may come up for rent in the early spring. If it does, and the space works for us it would be a great opportunity to reduce our rent and for me to learn a bunch of new and useful skills. We might even be able to invest in our own chickens, start chicken ownership on the tutorial setting you might say. It would certainly assuage my need for nature time. There are still a lot of unknowns though, so we’ll have to see what God’s plans are.

I’m also praying very desperately that my car doesn’t give out, it is a necessity for my current job and we don’t have the spare cash for a new one should it go kaput. This is part of why I’m seeking a new job.

Happy New Year to everyone. 🙂


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