MS: Growing Fruit Trees from Seeds

Since I frequently complain about having no garden, I suppose my posting this requires a bit of backstory. It should be known that I am sentimental about the strangest things, in this case, NSR going and buying me pears when I was feeling really ill. I felt a strange urge to remember this gesture, so I looked up how to take the seeds and grow them into trees. Since I know there are people who read my blog who have an interest in self sufficiency, I decided I would pass it on.

It’s a bit more complicated than you might expect, but not too difficult. Personally I’m planning to gather seeds throughout the year and plant them in planters in the fall. I’m curious to know what hybrids I’ll end up with.



3 responses to “MS: Growing Fruit Trees from Seeds

  • DJ

    Its better to grow from saplings, lots of fruit that we eat are the results of grafting . The results from seeds can be unexpected

  • al

    With apples and pears, trees from seed tend to be ‘wildcard bastards’
    Wildcard as in ‘outcome unknown’. Bastard as in ‘parentage uncertain’

    It’s more of a problem with apples (wildcards tend to revert to the mean, which usually means crab-apples). But with pears, well, most pears are edible. Some may be better suited to cooking. Worst case scenario, you get cooking pears.

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