I’m a twenty two year old  Christian antifeminist.

Mai Minakami from Nichijou

Your bloghostess looks like Mai Minakami.

I recently got married to NSR.

I ride horses, paint in oils, and write short fiction. I like to watch movies and read science fiction.

I’m introverted, pragmatic, and feminine; although that last one is a work in progress.

I’m a purveyor of horse sense and femininity advice.

Oh yeah, I take forever to reply to comments, but I do eventually. Hang in there and I’ll get back to you.

If you want to contact me privately please do so at: Sillymagoosa@gmail.com

The major posts on this blog are split up into two kinds:

Morning Sprinkles (MS): These will be feminine, light weight, or home oriented type posts.

Evening Gunfire (EG): These will be pragmatic, “Red Pill”, less-feminine, or more analytical posts.

Witching Hour (WH): I run across a lot of memes, comics, etc. that deal with “Red Pill” concepts on occasion. I gather those up and post them here, sometimes with commentary, sometimes without.

They’ll be labelled accordingly so you can skip the type of posts you don’t want to read.

For the record, regarding my posts about feminine dress, I don’t get any money or compensation from the companies whose products I use as examples. I simply give credit where credit is due.


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