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MS: Pockets and Sundry

So, Dalrock recently had a series of posts concerning pockets in women’s clothing (or lack thereof) and the general moaning from women about it.

Now, I made a transition from wearing almost exclusively jeans to wearing skirts as often as possible and quickly bumped into the whole pocket issue. Me being me, I naturally began seeking out alternatives that could be worn with skirts. I found all manner of very fancy “pocket belts” meant to be worn over skirts which are great if you like to rock that kind of look. For more simple options there was the HipKlip, which was a pretty good solution, but it didn’t drive enough business to stay profitable and they closed up shop (at least, last I heard they did). There are also medicine pouches that can be slid onto any belt you care to wear them with and other holster style solutions. However, I quickly realized that the most functional option was in fact the humble apron. Funny how when women gave up keeping the home they also gave up pockets in the process.

All this ignores the solution that women typically prefer, the purse. Because, honestly, when they leave the house women are toting around way more stuff than just their phone and their wallet. Pockets won’t accommodate everything the average woman carries, even assuming she wanted to put all of them in pockets where they could accidentally fall out or get intermingled with other items. Fashion designers are smart enough to know this and therefore don’t go out of their way to add excessive numbers of pockets. Most women just use purses and get on with their lives because it is a better solution anyway.

Another simple reason that most of women’s clothing doesn’t feature usable pockets is because the fabric won’t cope well with their addition. When darn near everything is made of stretchy polyester, adding pockets will create some really weird bulging and downward stretching when you put anything in them. I do have skirts and dresses with pockets, but they are all made out of sturdy material that won’t stretch when you put something in said pockets. Jackets are the big exception to the polyester regime and naturally feature the typical hand pockets and the weird breast pockets that only survival horror game protagonists use. The only fake pockets I’ve ever had on a jacket were on my horse show jacket, where I wouldn’t want to put anything in them anyway.

For the rich ladies there are these wonderful things called “tailors” who can make you a nice suit jacket with real pockets if you want them. Not that anyone at your job would blink if you carried a purse into the office with you, so that would be down to personal preference as opposed to the office dress code. Even for the non-rich ladies pockets are a possibility if you have any inkling of how to sew and a conveniently placed seam on the clothing you wish had pockets. Maybe I’ll write a little tutorial on how to do that.

So, overall, to the surprise of no one, women (in the media) are complaining about nothing again.  More surprising perhaps is the fact that by giving up the home and the knowledge that went with keeping it, women gave up their two primary sources of pockets: Aprons and homemade (or home adjusted) clothing.  Any woman who cares to find a solution has many options available, but they already know that.


MS: Growing Fruit Trees from Seeds

Since I frequently complain about having no garden, I suppose my posting this requires a bit of backstory. It should be known that I am sentimental about the strangest things, in this case, NSR going and buying me pears when I was feeling really ill. I felt a strange urge to remember this gesture, so I looked up how to take the seeds and grow them into trees. Since I know there are people who read my blog who have an interest in self sufficiency, I decided I would pass it on.

It’s a bit more complicated than you might expect, but not too difficult. Personally I’m planning to gather seeds throughout the year and plant them in planters in the fall. I’m curious to know what hybrids I’ll end up with.


MS: I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force

…as if hundreds of voices suddenly cried out “misogyny” and will not shut up.

Feminists, not satisfied with finding reasons not to like new media, are finding reasons to dislike media of the past. The original Star Wars trilogy has been getting some attention for its supposed sexism.

The first is the rather obvious target of the slave Leia costume. I came across an infographic which refutes arguments that probably no one has ever made in support of the costume. I won’t reproduce it here because it is quite large and won’t link it because it’s from Tumblr. The basic premise of their issue with Leia’s costume (and the other slave girl’s costume) is that it “implies violence” against them. Never mind that Jabba jerks Leia’s chain and feeds the other slave girl to the rancor, in actual violence against them. No, no, the costumes are the problem. Never mind that them wearing anything else would be utterly nonsensical given the situation. They are slave girls, in the eyes of Jabba and his court they are objects. Their humanity (for lack of better term) is being degraded. To dress them in something tasteful and respectful is to ignore their plight. The film doesn’t have time to dedicate scenes specifically to showing they are in a bad situation. While the criticism of superheroine costumes may be somewhat justified due to their impracticality, the criticism of Leia’s costume is highly misguided. As a slave girl on a desert planet, what else would she be wearing? It’s like criticizing a maid for wearing a maid outfit. Implying violence against them is the entire point.

The other piece of outrage came about when photos of female Rebel pilots surfaced. Cue the outrage that they did not make the final cut. How sexist! Except, let’s think about this for a minute. What happens to every Rebel pilot we see in their fighter? Except Luke and his wingman? Well, they get shot out of the sky. Luke survives because he’s the hero and his wingman survives because Luke tells him something to the tune of “you can’t do any good here” after his fighter is damaged. The fact of the matter is that feminists would not be satisfied if the female pilots had made it to the screen. If they had been among the general pilot population and met the same fate, they would be saying that George Lucas has misogynistic tendencies since he included them only for the purpose of killing them off. If Luke’s wingman has been female and she survived because Luke sent her back to base, they would be saying that Luke is a sexist hero who doesn’t value the contributions of the female pilots.

If either of these criticisms had come to pass I would say “George Lucas seems to hate his fans, female and male alike, but as for the general population I can’t say” and “Luke has protective tendencies towards people regardless of their gender, possibly due to his guilt over the death of his aunt and uncle and exacerbated by the death of Kenobi”, respectively.

So, they wouldn’t be happy regardless of what happened and honestly I’d prefer it if they didn’t give George Lucas ideas for further edits. I’m going to join the chorus of other original trilogy fans and say “Leave Star Wars alone!”.

MS: Squaredancing as a Microcosm of the SMV/MMV

This is more of an observation than a theory. NSR and I went squaredancing on Saturday for the first time in awhile. As I’ve gotten better at the dances it has left me a bit more time to observe. This time around I noticed a few things that parallel nicely with the SMV/MMV.

There are a lot of women trying to act like men, it causes mild problems across the board, but backfires spectacularly in circumstances when the physical/biological differences cannot be ignored.

The guys with more experience and/or outcome indifference are never without a partner. The less experienced men are more likely to be gunshy and need the women to be inviting before they will act confidently.

High value, inviting women will get a lot of attention from potential partners. Especially if they are submissive and upbeat.

Most women have no idea how to attract, much less compete for a man. Even when men are scarce they still expect them to compete for or at least justify themselves to the women before they will partner up.

If women want partners they must be inviting in the first place and must be willing to follow the man’s lead once she gets one. If men are scarce they need to be a bit more forward and be less worried about what the herd has to say.

If men want partners they have to be less worried about the outcome and need to be willing to lead, even if the woman doesn’t want to follow or doesn’t know how. Moreso when women are scarce.

You need to listen carefully to the instructions upfront, watch others, then after that you have to wing it based on those instructions and observations.

I could probably figure out a few more, but I’m tired and would like to get this post out the door before I forget about it. As a parting note, y’all should go squaredancing. It’s loads of fun.

MS: Homemade Fries

My coworker got in a car accident, she is okay, but prayers for her would be appreciated. I’m covering her through Monday and as such I won’t be posting anything for a bit.  So here’s a quick recipe.


  • Potato(es)
  • Butter, Bacon grease, or other desired oil, 2 Tablespoons or so.
  • Salt and pepper

Wash potatoes, peel if desired then slice crossways into 1/4 inch slices or thinner. Thinner will be crispier, thicker will be more french fry-like.

Melt butter or bacon grease in a skillet or saute pan. Make sure there is enough to cover the sides of the fries, but not the top.

Place slices in the pan, be careful when putting them in to avoid getting hot oil on yourself. Salt and pepper to taste.

Cook on medium high heat, turning occasionally until golden brown.

Remove fries from the pan as they become as brown as desired, drain on a paper towel. Fries will be very hot.

Serve plain or with condiments, as a side or as an (unhealthy) indulgence.

Try not to eat too many and I will see you when I return.

MS: Setting a Pattern of Joy

Yesterday, Margery wrote a post about two videos about Fighting Bitterness, which you should check out because they are really great.

It got me thinking about how everyone says that the early stages of marriage are really awesome because you’re still high on all of the emotions and hormones (which, so far seems to be 100% true), and how you should make a point of making good memories to fall back on when times get tough.

I think married couples should be encouraged to make more than just good memories, but good habits as well. I mean, when we get a new car or a new pet, or move into a new place we make a point to go through certain motions everyday to be sure everything is done properly until we make them into a habit. It’s easier to do it at that stage because it is new and exciting, it doesn’t yet feel like an obligation. Much like you don’t wait to start looking behind your car when you back until after you run over something, you shouldn’t wait until times get tough to learn to forgive and appreciate your spouse. Make a point to associate tasks with good memories, so you’re more inclined to do them. This is also the best time for candid discussions about things that legitimately do bother you, so they don’t keep building until you blow over it. If you do suddenly explode, your spouse will be confused and hurt, and you will be angrier than will seem logical to anyone other than you. Ask your spouse about things you do that bother them and make an effort to work on them now, when you naturally tackle their every request with enthusiasm because you love them so. Also make a point to weed out friends who don’t respect your spouse now, rather than later. They will poison you if you don’t. They can’t hate your spouse and love you, the two of you are one flesh now, if they hate your spouse, they hate you too.

Reinforce these habits whenever you can, so it is easier to fall back on them even when times are bleak.

At the Catholic Engaged Encounter we attended, the priest told us a story about a couple who had been married a long time and got into a big fight. The wife left the husband a note saying something along the lines of, “I hate you and I’m going for a walk. Don’t forget to pack yourself a lunch, I love you” then signed with her name. She wrote “I love you” despite being incredibly angry with him. Another couple he knew had been married fifty years and people always assumed the marriage had been all roses. They surprised people with stories of hardship and heartache. When they were asked if they thought of divorce they would respond, “Murder, yes, but divorce, never!”

You’re in this for the long haul, be sure to pack the right attitude and habits.

As a bonus, here is a video sure to make you smile. It’s not simply funny or cute, but legitimately joyful. You’ll especially like it if you’re a fan of Singing in the Rain.

I promise it isn’t an AMV set to a terrible pop song.

MS: So Which Is It?

It’s “brave” and all that jazz for a teenage girl to challenge a high school’s totally sensible dress code (which is more lenient than my job’s dress code btw). People get behind that sort of thing immediately and say that dress codes like that tell girls that boys’ ability to concentrate in class in more important than a girl’s education. Not that those dress codes ever get enforced anyway, since any teacher who tells a girl her clothes are inappropriate will immediately be fired on sexual harassment charges. So no challenges are really necessary.

But the minute a company starts trying to sell clothes that that same girl claims to want to wear to school, the cries of sexism and “that doesn’t pass a dress code”, immediately ensue.

So I guess any girl who wants to wear slutty clothes to school better take some sewing classes. Because it’s totally fine for her to dress that way, but heaven forbid if a company should sell it to her.